Activities related to passport application search, investigation and service delivery are carried out by this branch. This branch assists the passport aspirants of Bangladesh in obtaining their passports by providing applicable police reports. As a result of verification of expatriates' passport applications, expatriate Bangladeshi citizens can make an important contribution in obtaining remittances in Bangladesh as they get their passports on time. At the same time, effective measures are being taken from the passport branch to prevent non-Bangladeshi citizens, especially Myanmar citizens (Rohingya), from getting passports. Above all passport branch obtaining passports of genuine citizens of Bangladesh and existing laws, In the light of the orders, ordinances, rules and circulars, they have been playing an important role by providing intelligence and giving opinions against the issue of passports to those who are not eligible for passports. A total of 189 (one hundred and ninety nine) police officers  including one SS, one Additional Superintendent of Police are on duty in this branch.

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