Dual Citizenship

Dual Citizenship   According to Clause (2) of Article 2B of the Bangladesh Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Order, 1972, if Bangladeshi National Foreign Citizen Wants to get Dual Citizenship of Bangladesh he/she has to apply to the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bangladesh by prescribed form. Ministry of Home Affairs sends this application form to SCO Wing, Special Branch (SB) of Bangladesh Police for Police Report.   Required documents of Police Report for dual citizenship: 

1. Photocopy of passport of the applicant.

2. Citizenship certificate of the country from where applicant got the citizenship.

 3. Photo copy of the Bangladeshi passport of the applicant.

4. Notarial declaration from the applicant.

 5. Bank receipt.

6. Birth certificate (If the applicant born in abroad).

7. NID or passport of father/mother/close relative of the applicant.

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