Job Summary: Diplomatic & Protocol Wing The Diplomatic and Protocol Wing of the Special Branch is responsible for coordinating diplomatic relations, ensuring security, and providing support to embassies, foreign dignitaries, and international organizations. This role involves diverse tasks aimed at promoting international cooperation, maintaining safety, and addressing security concerns within the diplomatic community.


1. Collaborate with embassies to establish effective communication channels and provide necessary police support as required.

2. Extend assistance to international organizations operating within the country, ensuring their security and logistical needs are met.

3. Facilitate consular access for foreign nationals held in custody, working to uphold legal and diplomatic norms.

4. Monitor the movements of foreign nationals within hotels to ensure their safety and adherence to regulations.

5. Verify the credentials of individuals employed in residential hotels to maintain security standards.

6. Foster coordination with both national and international organizations to strengthen diplomatic relationships.

7. Investigate cases of counterfeit visas, passports, and related issues as requested by embassies.

8. Conduct comprehensive background checks on foreign citizens applying for Bangladeshi citizenship or dual citizenship.

9. Manage deportation, blacklisting, stoplisting, and other disciplinary actions involving foreign citizens when necessary.

10. Engage in counterintelligence activities to safeguard national interests and prevent security breaches.

11. Oversee the safety and security of the diplomatic zone, ensuring a conducive environment for foreign missions.

12. Ensure the security and travel arrangements for foreign dignitaries visiting the country.

13. Analyze threats related to international events and serve as the primary point of contact within the Special Branch.

14. Handle administrative tasks related to diplomatic and protocol affairs, including recordkeeping and data management.

15. Execute assignments and directives issued by the Chief of Special Branch to maintain operational efficiency.

16. Serve as a liaison between law enforcement agencies and foreign missions to address security concerns effectively.

17. Develop and maintain emergency response plans for diplomatic situations, including crisis management protocols.

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